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Itinerary | 2 Days in York

York’s one of those cities that just seems to have so many things to do, and it can be difficult to know where to begin your short break. So, to help you make the most of your limited time there,…
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Bend it Like Beckham West End Opening Night

SuperBreak’s Head of Theatre, David, popped over to the The Phoenix Theatre for the opening night of Bend it Like Beckham… A band of drummer girls entertain celebrity guests including Lily Collins (Lily’s boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower is one of…
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2015: Year of The Ogre?

It seems utterly extraordinary to think that popular animated comedy Shrek was released in 2001 – how has so much time past? But everyone’s favourite Ogre has never been away since; a string of hit films here, a smash hit…
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7 Top Tips for Visiting Marrakech

I’d frequently commented in the past about not understanding why people visit the same resort year after year, swearing I’d never be that person (and when you work in travel you are somewhat spoiled for choice!). However, this year I’m…
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